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Gantri - Buddy

2018-19/Freelance Designer, part-time
Form & interaction, design for habitat, process improvement, 3D printing for mass manufacture

Buddy is a 3D printed task light, which I designed and produced in collaboration with Gantri - a platform based in San Francisco for creatives to launch sustainable products.

I wanted to create an experience for the dynamic worker to have functional, adjustable lighting that helps to focus on specific tasks. This adds to Gantri's current portfolio which upon introduction focused heavily on 'static' designs. Due to the nature of 3D printed objects, moving parts can wear out sooner, so a variety of innovative methods and mechanisms were considered to counteract this, adding to Gantri's component library and opening up more possibilities for future designers.

The light 'helps' the user, just as a 'buddy' would - adding friendly character to any workspace.

My design is in production as of August 2019 and available across USA and Canada. See here.
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