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A functional child carrier concept, designed in response to a live project set by Berghaus. Research into user interaction and requirements gave this design the focus of a modular storage system, allowing users to adapt the carrier to short/long periods of time, or urban/outdoor days out.


Classic adjustablilty features for both the parent and child are included, such as back length/shoulder straps and seat height/5-point harness systems. An aluminium alloy would be used for the internal frame, with ABS joints and hinges (for the kickstand), RipStop nylon would be used for the outer shell, closed cell foam for the padding, and soft fleece for common points of contact, especially the removable dribble pad for the child. Permanent base and side storage areas with a fold-out sun shade are integrated, too.

This project was one of few shortlisted for presentation to the Berghaus design team at Pentland HQ.

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