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A concept project in repsonse to the second-year module, Design Futures, concerning the improvement of health through food and nutrition. This fork is able to check the levels of salt and sugar in a user's meal in the most intuitive way possible, without it looking like probe or scientific experiment during a meal!


It works throught the application of existing technologies; conductivity, through the prongs, is used to check salt via the chloride content. The reaction found in blood glucose meters is used to check sugar, through test strips, which come in replaceable cassettes to fit in the handle of the fork. A switch underneath allows the user to switch between the 'sugar' (this pushes the test strip in and out),'off', and 'salt', and the soft glow lights at the top indicate how high or low the levels of each are. An ergonomically placed scroll wheel at the top allows the test paper to be refreshed.


It has been designed for ease of cleaning, maintenance and comfort of use.


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