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'Leaf' is a full range of hotel suite lighting, designed in collaboration with Northern Lights  - a major lighting manufacturer based in Chesterfield, UK. The range consists of floor, desk, bedside and ceiling lamps.

The range has been designed in accordance with the client's manufacturing needs capabilities - this design consists of stainless steel tubing and a vacuum formed polycarbonate shade, ready for 'off the shelf' purchasing.

The range of lights is a visual representation influenced by the interaction between a person, a plant and light - they all need each other to work and benefit one another. The result is reducing the light source to one point, and reducing the user interaction to just the adjustability of the white shade around a point; this projects the effects of the light, and highlights the effects of every movement that the user makes.

The outcome is commercially realistic yet also conceptual and thought provoking.
This project was shortlisted for presentation to the Northern Lights design team.
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