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A conceptual outcome to a project titled 'Work, Rest & Play'. The brief was to develop a range of objects for the redevelopment of Park Hill, Sheffield, by Urban Splash

Through working in multi-discipline design teams, a group theme was decided - Ability to Grow - an idea where if the mental state of mind of each resident is improved, the community of Park Hill is improved, thus preventing it from its downfall once again.
One chosen method to improve mentality was mindfulness. This exercise of being aware of the present moment was translated into four slip-cast porcelain cups. The rounded base and weighted body of each cup means that it will move in an unpredictable direction as a liquid is being poured into it, highlighting what the user is doing at that very moment. To enhance the experience, each cup has its own textured pattern in the bottom, allowing the user to feel and hear a rhythm.
The porcelain cup and stainless steel weight in the base are materials which have been used to reflect Sheffield, its history, and Park Hill.

This work was part of an exhibition called Life on the Hill at
Made North Gallery, Sheffield, until the end of February 2016.
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